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Reduced Emissions with Big Fuel Savings

Fuel Magic is unique in that it has an attraction to metal, and when added to gasoline or diesel fuels this attraction allows the treated fuel to penetrate hardened combustion deposits on the piston and cylinder heads removing them with each firing of the engine. This attraction also forms a protective film that helps lubricate the combustion chamber and fuel system while inhibiting corrosion and combustion deposits from developing.

Fuel Magic has a proven 8% average fuel savings which alone makes Fuel Magic extremely profitable to use while also providing many environmental and performance benefits.  Fuel Magic's combustion chamber deposit removal provides a more complete fuel burn which creates added power, smoother acceleration, reduced engine maintenance, extended engine life and substantial pollution reduction (20% avg. with U.S. fuels).  Engine performance continues to improve with several tanks of fuel.

Fuel Magic is super concentrated.  Treatment ratios are 3000:1 for diesel and 5000:1 for gasoline.  One gallon of Fuel Magic, which treats 3000 gallons of diesel fuel, will save 240 gallons of diesel with its proven 8% average.  When treating treating 5000 gallons of gasoline, one gallon of Fuel Magic will save 400 gallons with its 8% average.

Fuel Magic is available in squirt bottles for cars, pint bottle for trucks and gallons for bulk treating.  Fuel Magic is self-blending and no stirring is needed when bulk treating. 

Tested by major independent laboratories including Southwest Research Institute, National Institute of Petroleum and Energy Research and Ricardo Engineering.  EPA Registry # 207120001.

This Chart Shows the Savings Potential with Fuel Magic

Fuel Magic potential savings chart

In countries with less refined fuels, Fuel Magic will improve the fuel economy by 10% to 15% and will reduce exhaust pollution up to 40%.


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