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Distribute Fuel Magic in Your Region

Countries with less refined fuels can now get improved fuel performance without investment in refineries and new automotive technologies.  Fuel Magic's technology can solve today's problems today with big savings for the consumer.

The fuel savings in countries with higher quality fuels will yield an 8% average savings which is proven with U.S. fuels.  In many parts of the world, including Africa and Asia, the fuel economy increase averages 10% to 15% due to the amount of combustion deposits created by less refined fuels.

Less refined fuels create a large amount of combustion deposits inside the combustion chambers which leads to poor fuel efficiency and greater exhaust pollution.  This can be a significant problem for generators and other engines that must be run continuously.  Fuel Magic calms vibrations and noise levels in all engines.

In countries with lower quality fuels, Fuel Magic will improve the fuel economy by 10% to 15% and will reduce exhaust pollution up to 40%.

Without Fuel Magic, combustion deposits continue to accumulate at a faster rate with less refined fuels. The hardened combustion deposits build up and break off, which creates piston scuffing and severe cylinder wear that shortens engine life. As this process continues, fuel is wasted and is exhausted into the air as pollution.

Before Fuel Magic became available the only solution was to rebuild the engine and use cleaner burning fuels. Now that is no longer necessary. Continuous use of only a small amount of Fuel Magic will reverse the aging process of the engine by removing hardened combustion deposits with each firing of the engine.

Fuel Magic's attraction to metal creates a thin film that increases piston lubrication and reduces engine wear.

Fuel Magic will also provide protection to the inside of fuel tanks by removing corrosion so that it can be filtered away while preventing new corrosion from developing.